2022 Quality Quzhou(Longyou) Virtual Expo( Hardware & building materials)

Launch time:2022-05-23-2022-05-31

Exhibition type:

Holding cycle:7 days

Hold Address:Online

Organizer:China Council For The Promotion Of International Trade Quzhou Chamber/Commerce Bureau of Quzhou City


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Exhibition range:

1. Hardware and tools: furniture hardware, building hardware, decorative hardware, door and window hardware, wrought iron products, bathroom hardware and accessories, locks and accessories, silk screens, welding materials, fasteners, trolleys/flatcars and accessories, and other hardware products;

2. Building materials and equipment: building hardware, building tools, building metal materials, plates, wood, building gel products, adhesives, doors and windows, hardware, locks, coatings, wall materials, interior decoration materials, floors, tiles, etc.;

3. Pipeline facilities and accessories: circulating water system, drainage system, water pump, pressure pump, multistage pump, hydraulic system, automatic sprinkler, pipeline system, PVC pipe, CPVC pipe, copper pipe, zinc-iron pipe, pig iron pipe, shower hose, etc.;

4. Air conditioning and refrigeration: household air conditioners, central air conditioners, electric fans, air handling equipment, refrigeration and cold storage equipment, air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation equipment;

5. Cleaning and maintenance equipment: industrial cleaning equipment, household cleaning equipment, pipeline cleaning equipment, sanitation equipment, air purification equipment, maintenance equipment and cleaning supplies, security and protection system, fire protection equipment;

6. Lighting equipment: lighting equipment, lamp fittings and switches, and lamp control system.

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