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Zhejiang International Trade and Exhibition Co., Ltd. was originally a direct subordinate enterprise of Zhejiang Provincial Committee of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and now it is a secondary enterprise directly subordinate to Zhejiang Tourism Investment Group Co., Ltd. It is the largest and earliest provincial company engaged in international and domestic exhibitions in Zhejiang Province.

Company was founded in 1985, under the leadership of the superior departments in zhejiang province, has been successful in New Jersey in the United States and Los Angeles, rouen in France and bordeaux, Toronto, Canada, Germany, Hamburg, the Netherlands, magda, Norway, Oslo, Iraq, Manila in the Philippines, Indonesia's Jakarta held zhejiang export commodity fair. Company organization of zhejiang enterprises to participate in all over the world every year TTF attending tabled (Po) will be more than fifty, accumulative total exhibition one thousand projects, involving major countries (regions) hundred, nearly ten thousand kinds of export commodities, exhibition area of 100000 square meters, thousands of companies, units CanGuanRen millions of people, and discuss the clinch a deal the import and export trade of billions of dollars, and to make a batch of imported project show. In the past twenty years, it has played a positive role in the foreign trade of our province, helping enterprises to explore the international market and promoting the foreign economic development of our province. I also participated in the "China commodity fair", yiwu, zhejiang, shaoxing "China light textile products expo", "China hardware expo" yongkang, haining China leather fair ", "China international light industry products expo" in wenzhou and hangzhou west lake expo ", 2001 international BBS, modern logistics and economic development of Shanghai the 46th annual international system science and other large-scale exhibition activities, held various exhibitions, exhibitions and conferences domestic activities in China.

Our company is an enterprise with rich experience in international trade exhibition and extensive international trade exhibition network. We have a team with good faith in customers and professional exhibition industry. We sincerely welcome people who are interested in expanding the international market.

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