2022 Zhejiang Online Export Fair (Thailand, Vietnam -Safety and Fire Products)

Launch time:2022-07-25-2022-07-29

Exhibition type:

Holding cycle:5 days

Hold Address:Online

Organizer:Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province


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Contents of the exhibition

1) Various types of work safety: personal protective equipment (PPE), professional wear, protective clothing and tooling fabrics, accessories and parts, safety equipment and facilities, services and software

2) Work health: medical products, rescue products, preventive products, hygiene products, ergonomics

3) Work security: fire protection, security monitoring equipment and systems, explosion-proof and anti-virus devices, radiation protection, air pollution, power safety, noise reduction products, environmental protection, mechanical safety equipment, etc.

4) Fire-fighting equipment: fire alarm equipment, fire detection alarms, controllers, leakage fire alarms, emergency, fire-fighting power supplies, automatic fire-extinguishing equipment, automatic sprinkler fire-extinguishing systems, gas fire-extinguishing, aerosol fire-extinguishing systems, dry powder fire-extinguishing systems, etc. Products, fire fighting equipment, fire fighting vehicles, police vehicles, personal protective equipment, emergency rescue equipment, fire monitors, slow descent equipment, fire fighting equipment, fire extinguishers, fire hydrant systems, demolition tools, fire hoses, fire warning signs, lighting and other products

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